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The owner is very honest and knowledgeable. Price is reasonable as well. I just went there to get my tire looked at as there was a nail on it. The nail did not go all the way through, so he checked for any leak and told me that I did not have to worry about it. Otherwise, it would have been $20 for the repair. He looked at any other problem on the tire and adjusted the air pressure on all four tires. He also gave me a replacement for a missing cap. I asked him how much I owed him, and he said “whatever you would like” I gave him $5 and promise to leave him a good review on Yelp.

Eiji M., Encino, CA

Aram and the gang at Star West are great.  They have been taking care of my families car repairs for a few years.  They never try to upsell us on anything or rip us off.  All the repair work we have had done was performed fairly quickly and in a very professional manner.

Most recently my sister’s volvo had a maintenance light come on.  We called Aram and he said we could bring it in the same day.  He performed some routine maintenance, topped off all the fluids, changed the oil, and replaced all the burned out bulbs.  $75 for all of that and it was done the same day.

Thanks Aram and Star West.

Jose A., North Hollywood, CA